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Press Release
Electronic Frontier Finland ry
Helsinki May 25th 2009

Effi: Finland violates civil liberties without right of appeal

Electronic Frontier Finland ry (Effi) is stunned at the ruling of Helsinki Administrative Court of May 20th (02418/09/7506), according to which Matti Nikki is unable to appeal the censorship of his website criticizing censorship.

Effi ry finds it incomprehensible, that authorities may restrict civil liberties with unappealable decisions. "According to the administrative court ruling, police may add anything to the secret censorship list without the censored party being able to get an impartial court hearing", sums up Leena Romppainen, member of the board.

"What makes this case an especially blatant violation, is that police silenced a critic of their own activities", adds Tapani Tarvainen, president of Effi.

Nikki had appealed NBI's listing of his site to the administrative court citing unconstitutionality of the law establishing the blocking list. In addition, the law has been applied incorrectly to a site based in Finland. The court dismissed the action declaring, that you may not appeal having your site included in the blocking list.

Effi has earlier lodged a complaint about the censorship law with the Parliamentary Ombudsman and is awaiting reply to the complaint.

"Hopefully the Supreme Administrative Court rectifies this outrageous decision, otherwise Finland is going to be convicted by the European Court of Human Rights", hopes Tarvainen, but concludes: "However, the only correct solution is to repeal this insane law."

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